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Music Lessons For All Ages


CTKR Music Instruction is a music education company

We are a full-service music company offering lessons for acoustic guitar, electric and bass guitar as well as 7 + 8 string electric guitar lessons, ukulele lessons and vocal lessons of all kinds.

Quality Over Quantity

We Create a Lesson Plan For All Ages and Music Levels.

Instrumental Lessons

Using a performance based goal system, students are encouraged to play like the musicians whose music they desire to learn. Embracing the benefits that technology can bring to music, once students are ready we record performances and accompaniments. This gives instructors an increased ability to accurately determine skill level. We focus on what creates a quality musician and use the highest standards to gauge progress.

Theory lessons

If you’ve reached your desired proficiency on your musical path, the next step to filling out your musical knowledge is CTKR’s theory based lessons. Aiming to drastically increase your theoretical knowledge both on music and your desired instrument, theory lessons are highly specialized and concept based to translate as much knowledge to the student as possible.

Songwriting/Marketing/Music Business/Management

Have you always wanted to perform or create music? Whether for recreation or a serious career, our musician services will help you reach beyond your expectations and unlock your true potential as an artist.

Vocal Lessons

With our Vocal program, we build your vocal coaching into your customized curriculum. The reason for this is two fold, first and foremost we believe that instructing vocals, is unlike any other type of music lesson. Instead of a string we can tune, or drum head we can tighten, we are using our vocal chords and various air chambers of the body to create sound. The sounds vocalists can produce are based on an emotional range of natural sounds that we must learn to navigate and control, to give our desired performance. Secondly, your vocal instructor also assuming the role of your vocal coach will ensure all theoretical and practical technique is uniform and works in harmony with your body.

Extreme Vocal lessons

The CTKR Music Extreme Vocal program is a unique approach to un-conventional vocal styles. For genres such as Hardcore and Post-Hardcore, Metal in all of its forms, Punk and Alternative, a different type of vocal instruction is needed. We use modern and traditional techniques focusing on projection and control of your vocal gain, or grit. This unique and immersive program will help you channel your bodies power tones to achieve the most intense and extreme sounds humanly possible. This is done by focusing on using technique that does not adversely effect your body and performs sounds consistently and being able to re-perform time and time again.

Engineering/Production lessons

If you can already play an instrument or sing, or if you prefer electronic genres, you may have a desire to record your performances or create digital music! Understanding recording interfaces and navigating through DAW’s is no small task. Armed with knowledge from London, Ontario’s own OIART (Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology) we have comprised an in-depth course focused on the recording and creation of music using technology as our ally instead of a crutch.
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